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El timbalero cubano Angel Emilio tiene una gran carrera

06 de mayo, 2022,

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The musician and showman presents the song «Voy a vivir», accompanied by singer Erick Lexi.

He has shared the stage as a percussionist with other talented Cuban artists such as El Micha, Chakal, Clan537, William el Magnifico, El Único, Baby Lores, Insurrecto.

He currently works as a Timbalero Show at Martini Bar in El Doral, Miami.

Angel began his music career at the Vocational School of Arts «Luis Casas Romero» at the age of 10, in the specialty of Percussion, completing his elementary level studies between 1996-2001. From 2001 he continues his studies of Middle and Professional Level, in the Professional Conservatory of Music «José White» in the city of Camagüey. In the following 4 years he participated in numerous music and dance competitions within the artistic-professional field. At the age of 16 he began working as a Timbalero in the Orchestra «Ritmo Moderno».

He finished his studies at the age of 19, graduating from the Conservatory of Music «José White» as a Professional Percussionist in 2005.

He taught Percussion to music students of the Vocational School of Arts «El Cucalambé», in the city of Las Tunas, while carrying out his career as a Professional Musician, in different groups of popular dance music.

Later he relocated to the Cuban capital, Havana City, where he worked as a musician for different orchestras recognized as Pupi and those that Son Son, El Clan and Sur Caribe. He arrived in Miami in 2010 and began his solo career as a timbalero Show in the Night Clubs: Bongos, Ashe, Blue Martini, Taverna Opa, Club Azúcar, Babylon, and many more. In 2017 he is the first Latin musician to play at the ULTRA Electronic Festival.