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El psicólogo y escritor argentino Jorge Bucay se presentará en Miami el 10 y 12 de marzo

06 de marzo, 2022,

Ver Galeria

He will present «Conversations with Jorge Bucay / The stories that taught me to be who I am». March 10 and 12, in North Miami Beach. In these functions Bucay will break down «stories, stories, legends, myths, anecdotes, hoaxes, fantasies, scripts, jokes, novels, chronicles and fictions of all kinds, from all over the world, from all times, which pointed the way and illuminated with their light the darkest nooks and crannies and the most difficult times». The psychologist continues: «Our memory is the chronicle of our living experience, as is the sum of the memories of each living being in this universe that we share,» says the bestselling psychologist. To measure the importance of Bucay it should be noted that his books have become international best sellers, translated into about twenty languages. The most relevant are «Letters to Claudia», «Let me tell you», and «Stories to think». «I work on the idea ‘take ownership of your life: what you have is your responsibility,'» says the wise therapist, almost 70 years old, adding that «the world is not a place to compete, but to share, and a necessary condition is to look at yourself.» Bucay was born in Buenos Aires on October 30, 1949. He is an Argentine doctor, psychodramaturgist, Gestalt therapist and writer. «For many years I have believed and I repeat that life is an infinite journey. Nothing more and nothing less. A path that probably begins on the day of our conception, inside our mother’s womb and that may end on the day of our death.» Tickets are on sale at http://www.marjcc.org/bucay