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El periodista colombiano Ismael Triviño lanzó su primer libro, «Reach it!»

11 de mayo, 2022,

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If something defines Ismael Triviño as a journalist and producer, it is that he is a dreamer and perseverer. A combination that has allowed him to achieve goals that, in principle, seem unattainable and that has only been possible because of the perseverance that infuses his work day by day in the production of search for world-class guests.

From the initial dream of interviewing an astronaut in full Earth orbit, from the International Space Station, to talking with presidents, Nobel laureates, Hollywood stars, best-selling authors, to humanoid robots; Triviño’s career as a journalistic producer speaks for itself.

In REACH IT! How to connect with who you think is unattainable? , Triviño, together with Editorial Panhouse, has considered sharing all his knowledge, a product of his professional experience, so that this book can serve readers as a manual of good practices when it comes to establishing useful and profitable connections, not only for journalists in search of interviewees, but also for entrepreneurs, advertisers or marketing experts with large projects that need to be presented to potential clients, investors or partners. Is it possible to achieve this? Yes of course.

«The Houdini of this story is Ismael Triviño, who in these pages guides young journalists and producers to simply learn, which I have always maintained: nothing is impossible.» Julio Sánchez Cristo, Director of W Radio Colombia, three times winner of the King of Spain Award, deserving of the Ondas Award and the Simón Bolívar – Life and Work Award.

«Ismael Triviño is a journalistic superproducer, one of those who do not give up until they get the interview. I witnessed how he managed to reach characters unattainable for many, such as three astronauts floating in space, former beatle Ringo Starr and tycoon Sir Richard Branson. In Reach it, Triviño shares some of his strategies for reaching the most inaccessible characters. They’re going to enjoy it!» Andrés Oppenheimer, Co-winner of the Pulitzer Prize, columnist syndicated in 60 countries and winner of the Ortega y Gasset Prize.