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Osvaldo Boscacci hará una presentación virtual de su nuevo libro este martes, 18 de enero, a las 5 pm

17 de enero, 2022,

Ver Galeria

The author of the novels «With god’s permission», «Memories of failure» and several other titles for film and television presented in Miami, precisely at the Trail Theater, his latest production: «Making Stories». The Blank Page Editorial informs us that on Tuesday, January 18, at 5 pm Boscacci will present it again, this time virtually. As happened in 2020 with «Memories of Failure» and last month with «Making Stories», these meetings between the writer and his followers become a kind of «party», where everyone is protagonists and a communication is generated that oscillates by diverse and intense moods. We had fun and got excited about their stories and their way of answering all the questions. The book can be purchased on page www.blankpagebks.com

«Making Stories» includes 50 stories by Osvaldo and seven by other writers (guest authors). He said, becoming modest, «Making Tales has fifty stories of mine and seven very good ones.» The authors who accepted his invitation and accompanied him on his new adventure are Gabriela Llanos, Ariel Scher, Gustavo Coletti, Carlos Madama Hernández, Marcelo Maselli and Ivana Tratcher. The link to attend and spend a very entertaining hour is by this YouTube link or by the Facebook page of @blankpagebks. So do not miss it, those who were on the probable Trail, or rather surely, will be back, and who, for whatever reasons – the most obvious and frequent is the distance – will be able to join on Tuesday 18 at 5 pm Miami time.