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El mítico Gustavo Santaolalla tocará en el North Beach Bandshell, de Miami

10 de marzo, 2022,

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The show is announced by its organizers as «a journey through the creations and worldview of one of the most transcendent musicians in the world.» The appointment is for Tuesday, March 22, at 7 pm, at the North Beach Bandshell amphitheater, Miami Beach, and tickets are available at https://www.venuepilot.co/events/47635/orders/new The concert is part of the SOFLO Fusion Nights, presented by Clix International.

Really many accolades fall short with Gustavo Santaolalla since he has a background that makes anyone open their eyes: he is one of the founders of rock in Spanish; winner of two Oscars for the music of the films «Brokeback Mountain» and «Babel»; winner of 18 Latin Grammy Awards and two American Grammys; former producer of Café Tacuba, Los Prisioneros and Julieta Venegas; and architect of the remembered group Bajofondo Tango Club. Santaolalla is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and composer. Winning two Film Academy Awards increased his audience profile. Those film scores are but chapters in the life of a composer, producer, guitarist, conductor, record label owner and historian whose adventurous musical activity began in the mid-1960s and continues to this day. Santaolalla has also written music for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s «Amores perros» and «21 gramos,» Walter Salles’ «Diarios de moto» and «En el camino,» HBO’s «Deadwood,» Netflix’s «Narcos Mexico.» Born on August 19, 1951, and a native of El Palomar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, Santaolalla began taking guitar lessons at age five. In his youth he was part of the band Arco Iris. Since its inception, the question of identity has been one of the main axes of Santaolalla’s artistic vision.