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Mercado inmobiliario de Florida experimenta auge post-pandemia

04 de abril, 2022,

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While the pandemic came to wreak havoc in some U.S. real estate markets such as Manhattan, New York, where sales fell by 54 percent, overall the U.S. real estate market shows more positive than negative signs by 2022, due to affordable interest rates and increased demand for properties. according to experts.

According to data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, U.S. home sales reached their highest level in 15 years, with six million traded during 2021. This demand for houses and apartments, as well as for housing rent and the creation of new real estate projects will continue with a growing trend, according to experts.

In the case of Florida, one of the key states for the U.S. economy, the effect of the pandemic turned out to be favorable for the real estate sector. Real Estate company Prestige 1 Realty, a boutique company that offers flexibility options for managing real estate while retaining the personal touch, was one of the beneficiaries. Angie Daza, one of the founders of the company in Miami, explains that the state of Florida was one of the states with fewer restrictions during the pandemic, so the real estate market continued its growth, with an increase in the value of real estate, and an increase in rent of 34 percent, while demand continues to be large and inventory is low.

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