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Marta González se destaca en la serie “Líos de familia”, de la plataforma Pantaya

15 de febrero, 2022,

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The Dominican actress living in Miami, shares scenes with figures such as Raymond Pozo, Miguel Cespedes, Cheddy García, among others. «Líos de Familia» is executive produced by James McNamara and Anjanette Delgado for «Pantaya» and Gregory Quinn and Zumaya Cordero for «Caribbean Films.» «There are things that don’t depend on me and that I can’t control. It is up to me to prepare and give 100% in my auditions. I can only trust my ability and be myself.» «Líos de Familia» is the first Dominican series, originally produced by Pantaya. A hilarious comedy that tells the story of the residents of a picturesque middle-class building in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where audiences can see characters from all walks of life. Marta Gonzalez plays Cristina: a former beauty queen married to an unscrupulous politician hired by the prosecution. Cristina goes from being a millionaire to being left without a fifth. She lives in a bubble, in her world of appearances and lies, deceiving everyone and covering up the follies of her husband Esteban. «Being an actress just makes me happy. I like to entertain the public. Bring them a little joy or even make them disconnect from their day to day. Or the fact that they relate and identify with what I do. It is a virtue that one enjoys his work, I do not feel it as such. When I’m on set I feel full.» Pantaya, a platform for broadcasting movies and series in Spanish, joins forces with the Dominican Republic-based production company Caribbean Films, announcing its first original series «Líos de Familia», which ended its first broadcast in the Dominican Republic.