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María del Mar impartirá el taller “Aprende a disfrutar la soledad” el 24 de marzo

14 de marzo, 2022,

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The respected Venezuelan life coach, of Trinidadian origin, María del Mar will give an interactive and free workshop on Thursday, March 24, at 7 pm (Miami time) for her Instagram Live @mariadelmarcoach «Solitude is a great opportunity to enhance our Being and our Life,» she theorizes. «In the workshop I will be talking about the negative beliefs we have about being alone and how we can learn to enjoy our own company without depending on someone else,» says María del Mar. «Today it is difficult for us to be alone because we have not learned to cover our own needs and emotional gaps, and we depend on other people or material things to be happy,» Adds. The life coach emphasizes that «Learn to enjoy solitude» is also for people who have a partner and want to learn to be comfortable with their individuality. Maria del Mar was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but grew up in Venezuela, where she lived since she was three years old. He studied the university career in Initial Education, from which his passion for teaching and guiding other people was born. For the subject of personal transformation began to deepen a few years ago. He obtained a Diploma in Positive Psychology. He prepared academically with seminars and courses from specialized platforms such as Udemy and Miriadax, although he considers that «the greatest learning is acquired in the school of life, experiencing challenges.» Currently, María del Mar guides a community of followers who attend her workshops and virtual talks, impregnating themselves with her knowledge and philosophy. Many of his views are dumped on his blog, «I Allow Myself.»