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Los restaurantes Chifa Du Kang se imponen en Miami

20 de junio, 2022,

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The chain presents ‘Chifa’, a Peruvian-Cantonese fusion cuisine that is Peru’s best-kept culinary secret. When it comes to experiencing and sharing delicious meals, which combine consistencies, comforting flavors ranging from sweet to salty with various cooking techniques, the best kept secret in the repertoire of any Peruvian is «Chifa», a Peruvian cuisine with Chinese influence that fuses the best of both worlds.

For years, Peruvians have delighted in the many exquisite creations that are born from this blend: delicious sautéed dishes mastered by the wok technique and served in the family style such as Arroz Chaufa, the juicy Lomo Saltado, drizzled with soy sauce cooked in the traditional Chinese wok, the acclaimed Chijaukay Chicken with oyster sauce, the Kamlú Wantán with sweet and sour sauce, among many others.

And while for the natives, Chifa food is largely synonymous with Peru, most outside the Latin American country, which is home to the world’s largest population of Chinese residents on the mainland, hasn’t been lucky enough to try it. That’s so far, of course! And all thanks to the Tou family, who have set out to change that with their Chifa Du Kang restaurants in Miami, both the first location in Westchester, and the newly opened and larger venue in Kendall.

«The secret has been laid bare!» says chef and restaurateur Anson Tou of Chifa Du Kang. «We want everyone to taste Chifa, to taste the bold and rich flavors that arise from the fusion of our two cultures, the Chinese and the Peruvian, and through our food to enjoy the same characteristic feeling of ‘comfort’ that Chifa has represented for all Peruvians for so long.»

The Kendall-based restaurant features custom Wynwood-style murals by renowned artists Cyn & Ben of @ChalkandBrush.