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Los estilistas y empresarios Yeiny Centeno y Armando Labrador, juntos en el trabajo y el amor

10 de marzo, 2022,

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Yeiny Centeno and Armando Labrador are entrepreneurs who came to the United States in search of success. The couple left Cuba full of dreams and today they own one of the most prestigious hairdressers in Miami, Deja Vu. The salon is attended exclusively by Yeiny and Armando; they do not work with more than five clients per day, to give a personalized service; Appointments can only be made via text message, to 786-800-0380 or 786-899-0348. The Instagram of the place is @hairstudiodejavu and the website, www.hairstudiodejavu.com «You can never settle, always go for more», is one of his favorite phrases. «Each of our projects,» they say, «is just the beginning of a lot of ideas that once seemed very crazy and have now come true.» They arrived about 15 years ago with few dollars in their pockets, but a lot of faith to build a future. Within two weeks they were studying at a hairdressing school, despite the fact that, for example, Armando was an accountant by profession. Nothing could with the energy and will of this beautiful pair of Cubans. They studied while working in a Latino coffee shop in Hialeah, until a year later they finished preparing and obtaining an official permit to practice as hairdressers. In 2014 they started the professional path, going to do home services. Yeiny led the team because in Cuba she was a stylist. Both were getting better and better and not even the cruel crisis of the pandemic has stopped them. They currently own one of Coral Gables’ most refined hair salons, Deja Vu Salon, which is 1,200 square feet tall and located on coquettish Almeria Ave. «It’s a category room,» Yeiny says, with justified pride.