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La realtor María Velázquez triunfa en Nueva York

23 de mayo, 2022,

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New York is said to be an extremely difficult city to excel at due to the large number of talented and prepared people residing there. María Velázquez knew this 17 years ago when she opted for the Big Apple, which was always her great passion. He remembers that at that time he was in a professional area that he liked, that of gastronomy, since he was neither more nor less than manager of a restaurant in his country, Colombia. His fearlessness and curiosity could do more, he took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to him and moved to the Big Apple to explore a job in real estate. The result couldn’t be better: Maria is currently an elite real estate agent. In the imposing city, she represents Latinos well and, especially, Latina women. She stands out as a professional, as a mother (of a 2-year-old child), and also takes her first steps in the publishing world. «What I like most in life is connecting with people, helping them,» he says. About New York he affirms that «it has a fascinating combination, too many attractive things, it is the epicenter of fashion, business, entertainment, cinema, gastronomy, art.» Even she, who has spent nearly two decades there, vows that the city «continually amazes» her. Maria’s main task is to advise people to find a personal home or property suitable for certain businesses. He emphasizes that it is not limited to real estate transactions. «I collaborate with customers in different aspects, from helping them put together a financial structure to choosing a good restaurant,» he explains. «I’m so in love with this city that I’m always at the forefront of different issues,» she adds. His eyes sparkle when asked for recommendations of gastronomic places. He mentions the Bellini restaurant, located in the Seaport district. «It has very good pasta and a super warm atmosphere,» he says. Maria herself, who studied Culinary Arts, owns a restaurant in Soho, which she established in partnership with friends to «have a cool Latino presence» in the famous neighborhood. In the short free time, the singular realtor writes. She was the only Hispanic to make a chapter in the specialized book «How to Buy on the Upper West Side of New York.» In addition, it collects material to write a manual for mothers living in the city, with different recommendations. «Although many do not believe it, it is not expensive for the entertainment of children,» he says. Finally, Maria invites you to visit and invest in the metropolis. «It has recovered after the pandemic and it is a super stable market,» he says. To contact her you can call 917-769-2065 or visit the website of www.thevelazquezteam.com