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La Dra. Gi ha mejorado la vida a muchas personas

05 de marzo, 2022,

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Dr. Gi is the creator of the famous «Evolution Challenge 2022», which she has been doing for 10 years at the beginning of each year, looking for ways to motivate people to resume their healthy lifestyle habits faster, that it is something real, a balanced diet, that people understand that it is not going hungry, which is not a magic diet, it is not a juice diet. because the body has the ability to naturally detoxify toxins. It is a totally virtual challenge, so that everyone anywhere they are can do it. Let people understand that it is a challenge organized by trained doctors, based on evidence and medicine, so we have created this challenge based on medical experience. With more than 12 years of experience Gisselle Escaño has managed to change the lives of thousands of patients, preventing, diagnosing and treating the hormonal and metabolic changes of each of them. «I don’t believe in ‘magic diets’ but I believe in personalized eating and healthy habits that are sustainable over time,» he says. Dr. Gi, whose full name is Giselle Escaño, studied general medicine with a postgraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition and did a master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine. She was a pioneer in developing the first light calorimeter menu in the Dominican Republic, according to U.S. regulations. As part of the program for weight loss and prevention of Overweight and Obesity, it carries out the famous #RetoDragi at the beginning of each year, offering its patients motivation to resume a healthy lifestyle after the holidays. She is also a social media influencer with more than 100,000 followers, as well as being the first Dominican to participate in Diabetes Digital Experience Date Latin America 2016. This year, in addition, he will release his first book.