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La cantante Mariana Quinteros da a conocer su nuevo disco, “Tango de Nuevos Ayres”

12 de abril, 2022,

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The album was produced by pianist Aníbal Berraute and will be presented on Saturday, April 30 at Club Alfaro’s, in Little Havana. On May 13 it will be launched with a concert at the Argentine Embassy in Washington. «Tango de Nuevos Ayres» has an irresistible repertoire, made up of classics by Gardel, Piazzolla and others from more recent times.

«We made an interesting mix,» says Quinteros, born in Buenos Aires, who has lived in Miami since 2014. For Berraute, who played with glories like Mariano Mores, on the album there are «traditional tangos with the musical language of today». «With Mariana and the musicians we look for a sonority close to the people, even with some pop,» he adds.

«Tango de Nuevos Ayres» is now available on digital platforms. The title «Tango de Nuevos Ayres» plays with the idea of novelty and with the name of the Argentine capital, founded 500 years ago as «Santa María del Buen Ayre». On the album played some of the best tangueros, more luxury guests such as Chico Novarro, Gabriel Mores, Daniel Mazza, and Néstor Torres.

«Every singer at some point has the need to record an album, to capture in a recording his evolution,» says Quinteros, who stands out within international tango; he has performed in various countries, impresses with his voice and his particular way of interpreting.

He grew up in an environment of great music fans; in youth he began to lean towards singing and became professional in 2002. «Tangos have a captivating musical and poetic power,» he adds, recalling in passing that his father, now deceased, was a great tango player.

Quinteros has recorded three albums. She gives weekly concerts in Miami and other cities, and also gives singing lessons. Her Instagram is @marianaquinterosmusic