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La cantante cubana Elizabeth Sánchez es una nueva figura de la Música Cristiana

12 de abril, 2022,

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The young woman presents her first album, «Nace una Esperanza», chosen as Best Album by the Academy of Christian Art in New York. She also gives talks about school bullying, which she experienced firsthand in childhood, and how to face challenges of disability. The promotional song of «Nace una esperanza» -already available on digital platforms- is entitled «No temeré»

 Elizabeth Sánchez has the best academic and professional background since she graduated in Vocal Performance from Barry University and was a soprano at the Miami Opera, but also suffers from a slight cognitive disability, which made her suffer from bullying at an early age.

In addition to the choice as Record of the Year, «Nace una Esperanza» has already earned her a nomination as a Revelation for the New York Academy, and one as a Female Revelation for the International Award Awards. The artist composed eight songs from the album.

The daughter of two brilliant mathematical academics, Elizabeth was born in Placetas, Cuba, on March 11, 1993. A hospital blackout at the time of delivery had her on the verge of death.

With Fe, the medical help and tenacity of his family survived. His father, Ricardo, is an engineer, mathematician, and professor at Barry University. His wife, also named Elizabeth, studied Political Economy at the University of Havana.

 When Elizabeth was of school age she moved with her family to another Latin American country, where she began to go to school and unfortunately faced painful situations when she was harassed by other girls, who made fun of her.

The family finally arrived in Miami two decades ago, congregating in an evangelical Baptist temple in the town of Davie. There, in other churches and in places where she is required, Elizabeth fulfills her vocation to sing and, at the same time, to give a positive message to those who suffer.