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La abogada Sondra Macollins Garvin es candidata a la Cámara de Representantes por los colombianos en el Exterior

27 de enero, 2022,

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The respective elections will take place between March 7 and 13 and Dr. Macollins Garvin, a debutant in politics, goes with the number 403, with the endorsement of the conservative party, center-right. The candidate resides in the United States and has no ties to the dominant parties of current Colombian politics. «More than politics I am a person of Laws,» he defines himself. Its main electoral proposal is to carry out a consular reform to «optimize the channels of help» in Education, Investment and Legal Support. «I got tired of the historic absence of the governments of Colombia to collaborate with those of us who live abroad,» he says. If Macollins Garvin wins the bench, he also promises to «turn every Colombian around the world into an ambassador of the country to achieve a positioning of the brand #Colombia.» The doctor has lived in the United States for nine years. She is a 47-year-old trial attorney; She is a graduate of the Universidad Libre de Colombia, with Specialization and Masters in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, at the Sergio Arboleda University, in Bogotá, and the Saint John-School of Law, in New York, from where she obtained her American law degree. He also studied Psychology at the Universidad del Valle, in Cali. She has 24 years of experience as a defender in investigations and trials for crimes against the social economic order; proceedings before the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia; filing of complaints and complaints for violation of Human Rights before international organizations; among others. Dr. Macollins Garvin has interspersed her profession of law with music, dabbling in various musical genres. He performed the reality song «Protagonistas de nuestra tele», by RCN, and has collaborated with several internationally recognized artists. He has recently presented the song «Qué linda es Colombia». Music is a communication tool for me and I think my new song can generate a lot of patriotic love for those of us who emigrate,» said the candidate. The song was written by the famous composer Fernando Garavito. Follow Instagram @sondramacol