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El Grupo Trance se presentará en Real Café el 6 de mayo

24 de abril, 2022,

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The Miami rock scene welcomes with open arms the beginning of a new stage of the prestigious group Trance, which will offer a concert at the popular Real Café and release an album in the middle of the year. «We want this to be a definitive return, we are very excited and we have great plans,» says the band’s leader, Ernesto Seijas, bassist, singer and songwriter. For now, Trance starts on the right foot because the reservations for the presentation at Real Café, to be held on Friday, May 6, are full. There they will perform unreleased songs from the new album, such as «Herencia» and «Juventud», plus other classics of the group such as «Tú eres candela» and «Mi caramelo». As always, the band’s repertoire will have covers of rock and pop, The Beatles –the great inspiration of Seijas- and INXS, for example.

«In everything we do, we want to transmit positive energy to people, to have fun, to have a good time,» says the artist, born in Cuba, like his peers. Trance is composed of Seijas, plus his lieutenant and co-founder of the group, Edwin Fernández, on percussion and vocals; Elvis García, on drums and vocals; Ario León, on guitar; Bernardo Iglesias, on piano and keyboards; and Rey Seijas, guitar and vocals.

The origin of Trance is to be found in Havana in the ’80s, where a teenager Ernesto Seijas began his fascination with The Four of Liverpool and other stars. He also enjoyed the tropical music of Beny Moré, Los Van Van and NG La Banda, among others. «The group sounds super good, part of rock, but it has a lot of fusion, guitar and piano with rock elements; plus my percussion, which adapts to rock or Cuban rhythms,» says Fernández, who started Trance with Seijas exactly in 1998. In their career the group has released an album: «Trance». The second will be called «Retro».