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Gonzalo Rubalcaba y Aymée Nuviola con su banda se presentarán el 14 de mayo en el James L. Knight Center

13 de abril, 2022,

Ver Galeria

One of the most anticipated concerts of the year arrives. The pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and the singer Aymée Nuviola. Two Cuban artists, consecrated of Latin music. Together, in the show «Wind and time», as part of a world tour that has already taken them to visit a dozen countries. The appointment is for Saturday, May 14, at 8 p.m., at the James L. Knight Center. Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.com The event is presented by Red Door.

 Rubalcaba and Aymée «La sonera del Mundo» have been friends since childhood in Havana. Decades passed, they made formidable independent careers, until in 2019 they decided to join their talents for the recording of an album for history, «Wind and time – Live at Blue Note Tokyo», whose repertoire is the basis for this international tour that will now bring them to the James L. Knight Center. The album is played live; is a summary of six concerts that the artists offered in August of that 2019 in Japan. The album «Viento y tiempo – Live at Blue Note Tokyo» was splendid and came to be nominated for the Grammy Awards 2021 as Best Latin Jazz Album. Itincludes Cuban classics such as «El Manisero», «Bemba Colorá» and «Lágrimas Negras». It presents a novelty, «Rumba Callejera», composed by Aymée, who interprets it with her sister, Lourdes.

Rubalcaba, a Latin jazz figure, says that «Wind and Time – Live at Blue Note Tokyo» brings him «joy and pride.» «He has music that already existed and now, suddenly, he has come back to live,» he adds. «Gonzalo is the greatest pianist of all time,» praises Aymée. The versatile artist, who is also a composer, pianist and actress, agrees with her friend in the approval for the album. «It’s a tribute to the music that runs through the streets of Havana, in which we are formed,» he says.