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El estilista y maquillador Andrés Felipe representa a Colombia en el Mundo

23 de diciembre, 2021,

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With effort and dedication he has come to be considered one of the most successful Latinos in the world of beauty. Andrés Felipe is neither more nor less than the Hispanic in charge of working the makeup and hairstyle of the beauty queens of miss Universe 2021, occupying the position of Supervisor and Director of makeup and hairstyle for the third consecutive year. Andrés Felipe is present at the 70th edition, which will take place this December 13 at the Universe Arena in Eilat, Israel. She will be with her cosmetics brand, Muba, as the only Latin and Latin brand that sponsor the most important beauty pageant in the world. Andrés Felipe Cabrera, who lives in Miami, is a benchmark for his advanced techniques, which have linked him to brands such as Coca Cola, Telemundo, Univision and Chanel. He is an artist and entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Muba. «In my world there are no trends,» he says, «I consider myself an artist who has no limits and my purpose in my industry is the enhancement and speed when putting on makeup.» On the colors of his makeup proposals he says that «for the holidays I recommend a more daring look, such as smokey eyes with very dark coffees». On a personal level, Andrés Felipe wants to «leave a legacy and leave doors open to many people who want to be part of Miss Universe and show their talent and be part of this team with Muba Cosmetics». For this magician of hair and makeup «beauty is subjective, what is beautiful for a person may be ugly for me, so it is important to empower women.» Learn more at www.mubabyandresfelipe.com