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El dúo Metropoly presenta el disco “La Meta. Tributo a La Rumba con Saxofón”

04 de junio, 2022,

Ver Galeria

Both are established instrumentalists who work for different groups and singers, but two years ago they decided to join together to create a particular project. The Cubans Yunior Arronte and Irving Aday formed the duo Metropoly, which makes presentations and these days goes on the market with the album «La Meta. Tributo a La Rumba con Saxofón», now available on digital platforms. Yunior, who is a saxophonist, declares that «this album contributes to the promotion and dissemination of Cuban music, which for so long has been one of the favorites in the World.» The artist analyzes that «rumba has a lot to do with Afro-Cuban religion and traditionality, but it has become a genre more open to the commercial.» In addition to Yunior and Irving, Metropoly’s orbit encompasses other elite musicians such as Yorgis Goiricelaya, Otto Santana and Alberto Alberto. Returning to «La Meta», Irving, who is a pianist, says: «We have made records for colleagues and we owed ourselves a job like this, for ourselves.» «The Goal. Tributo a La Rumba con Saxofón» contains songs such as «Canto a Orula», «La silicona», El cura», «El cabizbajo», and «El millonario». Yunior is a saxophonist, arranger, producer and composer. He studied his elementary level at the EVA Raúl Sánchez art school in Pinar Del Río Cuba; later he studied his intermediate level at the Carlos Hidalgo Music Conservatory. He graduated as an instrumentalist and professor of ensemble practice in 2008. He was a saxophone and Popular Harmony teacher at the Pinar del Río Music Conservatory. Irving is a pianist, composer and music producer. He studied the elementary level of music at the Manuel Saumell school in Havana; he then continued his middle level studies at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory in Havana, Cuba and soon after entered the ISA. He has been pianist of many projects in Cuba and in the USA such as Dr Ed Calle and Mamblue, Aymee Nuviola, Tony Succar, Braulio, Tania Pantoja, Concha Buika, Descemer Bueno, Pavel Urkiza among others.