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El DJ CodeCSD y el cantante Danny Lacayo presentan su nuevo tema, “Love it”

04 de abril, 2022,

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The young Italian-Brazilian artist -who speaks Spanish- is seconded in the song by the singer Danny Lacayo, of Guatemalan and Nicaraguan blood.

«Love it» is searchable on all digital platforms, including Youtube and Spotify.

At only 20 years old, Code SCD is a great promise of international dance music: it has been preparing since adolescence and has settled here less than two years ago to boost its career.

He was born in Brazil, but spent his life in Milan (his father is Italian and his mother is Brazilian). He composed «Love it» with Lacayo. «It’s a cheerful song, with house music and also with a touch of pop because we recorded it with a bass and other instruments,» he explains.

«Love it» is part of an ambitious project by Code, which includes the release of several songs with Lacayo, whom he invited to participate after seeing him in a Tik Tok video. «He has an incredible voice,» he says.

The Code/Lacayo duo presented the song «Intro» on March 18. Now he does the same with «Love it». On April 29, «Trophy» will be released; on May 20, another song (yet to be decided); and on June 17, «Buzzlight Year.»

Code SCD likes the formula of electronic music producers Daft Punk, which recorded with singers. The French duo made the hit «Get Lucky» with Pharrell Williams, for example.

Code also admires DJ Martin Garrix and singers The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. He plays guitar since he was a child and mostly wields it to make songs. Remember that he entered the world of electronic music in 2016, thanks to the specialized application GarageBand.

«Working with music calms me down and gives me pleasure,» he says. The artistic passion does not come precisely from inheritance because his father is a surgeon and his mother, a gynecologist.