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El cantautor cubano Alexeir Conill lanza el tema “Biles Na Má”

20 de junio, 2022,

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Alexeir Conill mixes salsa and reggaeton in his new single «Biles Na Ma». When you first hear award-winning Cuban salsa singer Alexeir Conill’s catchy new single, «Biles Na Ma,» you won’t be able to fight the urge to get up and dance. In addition to the fact that this new single by Conill alludes to a very trendy theme after the pandemic, which is the urgency of paying bills or «Biles», and stands out even more with the colorful lyrics that refer to the lover who only wants him to pay his bills. Alas!

«Biles Na Ma» stands out for its powerful variety of salsa and reggaeton rhythms that quickly spread with a powerful lyric. It is not surprising when you consider that it was developed in collaboration with some of the best and most prominent musicians in the Latin music industry, friends of Conill in his extensive career as a showman.

«Biles Na Ma,» the first single from Conill’s upcoming 9-track album, «Solo Mejor,» brings together award-winning music industry figures, including two-time American Grammy-winning producer, songwriter and pianist and 12 nominations, Marlow Rosado, ultra-talented trumpeter Eddy de Armas. Jr., a favorite of salsa superstar Willy Chirino, and popular Cuban singer Yanet «Trueno» Aguilera, best known for her viral performance with singers Baby Lores, Insurrecto, Descemer Bueno, El Uniko and Eddy K, on the hit song, «Libertad y Amén.»

Conill’s illustrious career in the music industry as a showman, mastering more than 8 instruments among various percussions, piano and guitar, spans more than 30 years of experience, which has led him and his music to share the stage in countless corners of the world, including much of Europe and Latin America. positioning his memorable sounds and compositions as an international favorite.

«Biles Na Ma» is now available on all digital music streaming platforms.