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El cantante STVOO8 fue una de las apariciones musicales más refrescantes del 2021

23 de diciembre, 2021,

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The young Cuban-American singer STVOO8 is going through this final part of the year in a great way since he has been full of artistic activities such as the realization of his first concert, where he had a series of well-known artists who opened his show. In recent weeks STVOO8, an artistic name that plays with the real (Steven) and the word «active», also made an interesting participation in the week of the Latin Grammy 2021 in Las Vegas, and then in the delivery of the Hispanic Celebrity Awards, held at the EB Hotel, in Miami. «Be active with STVOO», is the nice war cry of this artist who in his short but powerful career, honoring his slogan, has given the current musical panorama new airs, with songs such as «Solo una», «El pasillito», «Romperla», «Somos libres», «Todo el mundo», and «Repartiendo». He already has another release ready for the first days of January, but for now he prefers to keep it under reserve. STVOO8 is the brain, the author, of his songs and has the important collaboration of the producer Trigger Trigger. In mid-2020 he had written «Somos libres», where he advocated for the freedom of Cuba, the country of his parents, Germán and Katiuska Villar, who are also his artistic representatives. «Somos libres» is on Youtube with a beautiful video clip. STVOO8 imposes with its sound and with its presence; for both reasons he is sometimes called «The Latin Drake», in allusion to the Canadian singer. STVOO8 is only 24 years old, that is, it has the world in its hands. The opportunities are not intended to be missed. «In my songs there is joy, rhythm, reflections of mine and the message that one should love oneself, treat others well, and take care of the family,» he says. Their music is urban and it’s pop. All the songs mentioned in this note can be enjoyed on digital platforms and on Youtube. If public support grows as it has so far there will be STVOO8 for a long time to come. Instagram: @stvoo8music