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El animador de radio y televisión Franjio presenta “Ño que comedia” en la Sala Catarsis

17 de marzo, 2022,

Ver Galeria

Franjio is going through a great moment of his career since he appears daily in two important media of the city: in the morning, on radio Ritmo 95.7 FM, and at night, on the Mega TV Channel, in the program «El Jelengue», together with his friend Boncó Quiñongo. Franjio has grown up in the artistic environment since his father is a television director and spreads creativity, so he has felt that it was time to organize a show of these characteristics. In «Ño que comedia» Franjio, which is characterized by its funny occurrences, will present every Saturday powerful figures of Cuban humor. For Saturday, March 19, at 10:30 pm, for example, announces the performance of Bonco Quiñongo and Cuqui La Mora. The first has a trajectory known to locals and strangers, which includes obtaining a Seagull at the Viña del Mar Festival. Cuqui, meanwhile, is called Aleanis Jáuregui and became popular for his work on a Cuban television program, «Jura decir la verdad.» Currently he has put the Miami public in his pocket as well. «It will be an intimate night of comedy,» says Franjio, also alluding to the theatrical atmosphere that is breathed in the Sala Catarsis, located on Calle 8 del SW and Avenida 37. For Saturday, March 26, also from 10:30 pm, announces the presence of José «El Chico Bombón» and Ariel «El Mayamero». Tickets can be booked on the website www.teatrotrail.com or at the phone number 305-443-1009. Franjio also shines with his podcast «El Franjio del Show», which can be seen on his Youtube channel and listened to on specialized platforms.