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Alexis Valdés hará un gran espectáculo el Día de las Madres

27 de abril, 2022,

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The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day. A spectacular show by Alexis Valdés, «La comedia está de madre». Sunday, May 8, Miami Dade County Auditorium. Alexis with two of his great characters: «Cristinito» and «Nereida», plus luxury guest artists such as comedian Claudia Valdés, singer-songwriter Amaury Gutiérrez, and presenter Mónico Pino. Tickets now on sale in www.ticketmaster.com

Sponsored by Drama Hair & Nail Salon. An unmissable show, produced by Claudia Valdés, with a full Alexis, doing stand up comedy, and playing «Cristinito» and «Nereida». «Come and enjoy, come and laugh, that laughter is like the orgasm of the heart,» says the actor, director, playwright, poet and musician. «It will be a tremendous joy that mothers deserve,» he added. «It is not the same to see these characters in brief television or social media appearances than to develop completely on stage, telling everything and improvising,» says Alexis. «Cristinito» was created by Alexis decades ago and has been featured in television shows, social networks and theatrical presentations, while «Nereida» is newer and has been a success on social networks and Youtube. Alexis is going through a great professional moment since he keeps his productions in the Trail Theater to a full house and, in addition, comes from having filmed a series for HBO, «The Plumbers of the White House», with Woody Harrelson and other Hollywood figures.