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Adriana Cataño revela el secreto de su regreso a las telenovelas

27 de diciembre, 2021,

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The Colombian-American businesswoman and actress confesses the reason why today she enjoys the dramatic arts more than ever and shares some details of her character in the novel ‘La Mujer de Mi Vida’.

Adriana Cataño returns to melodramas on NBC/Telemundo playing «Julia,» a character who promises to revolutionize the new telenovela «La Mujer de Mi Vida.» His last telenovela was ‘Grachi’ (2 seasons) young adult novel broadcast in 2011 and 2012 by Nickelodeon Latin America. He then worked on the North American film «Tricotri» and on the comedy series of actor John Leguizamo’s production company, titled «Bodega de Pasión.»

«I had envisioned that in 2022 I was going to return to acting, and I did. What I enjoy most is that it has happened naturally. Telemundo contacted me to offer me this character and it was a pleasant surprise. Sometimes when one is not looking for something is when the energies flow so that the doors open. I honestly stopped casting novels in 2014, I wasn’t interested in going back to soap operas made in Miami,» said Adriana Cataño, who recognizes that what is allowing her to enjoy acting more than ever is that she does not have the pressure to live from that trade.

«I am blessed to support my family and me thanks to my work as an entrepreneur and creator of my Catano Beauty facial care line. In 2018 I decided to dedicate myself 100% to my vegan line. But now I decided to accept the role of Julia because I missed soap operas too much. I’m having so much fun in the forums and I don’t stress about absolutely anything,» confessed the actress who will play Julia in the telenovela ‘La mujer de mi vida’, in which she shares credits with Rodrigo Murray and Ricardo Kleinbaum.


Personifying a powerful woman who comes to the end of the story to remove all the loose ends, Adriana Cataño promises that next year 2022 she will turn on the small screen unveiling mysteries and revolutionizing the new plot of Telemundo by the hand of first actors such as Rodrigo Murray.

«My character enters the end of the soap opera and I will be between 8 and 10 chapters, although I do not rule out that they are more chapters. Hopefully they will be more lol.»

«Telemundo is making spectacular productions, the treatment of actors is exceptional, their studios are at the level of Hollywood, and being there is a pride that makes me feel very comfortable,» he said of the dramatic production directed by Eduardo Ripari, Sergio Buscó and Ricardo Schwartz, with whom the actress had already worked on the telenovela ‘Secreto de amor’, in 2001.


Promoting self-love, feminine entrepreneurship and conscious beauty, Adriana Cataño, also known as the queen of anti-aging products, continues to work tirelessly to consecrate her facet as an entrepreneur and owner of «CATANO BEAUTY.»

That is why, on Friday, December 17, it celebrated the success of its Catano Beauty brand in the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon market, incorporating a new product into its modern vegan facial care line.

«I’m going to release a face argan oil formulated based on natural ingredients. And I am very happy because this product will become the number 11 of my brand, which with a lot of effort I produce and manufacture in California, and that does not contain acids, parabens, alcohol or soap, and also has the PETA certification, that is, it is free of animal cruelty, «said the businesswoman who also works hand in hand with her daughter, Gabriella Cataño-Salinas, in the promotion of this.

«I feel like a fully realized mother. Gaby helps me with my company’s marketing, with social media, and like me, she’s building her career in English and Spanish. Which is a credit because we were both born in the United States. I feel very proud to see her as a presenter on Hola TV taking on challenges and improving every day,» Cataño said of her daughter alongside Mexican actor Jorge Salinas.

«She works in both English-speaking and Latino markets, and I know my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to learn Spanish because it’s a commitment we make as a family. Our language is part of our tradition and a cultural heritage that we have the duty to maintain on a professional and personal level,» he concluded.

If you want to know more about Adriana Cataño follow her on her Instagram @adrianacatanoofficial and @catanobeautyinc accounts and on her Facebook accounts @catanoofficial and @catanobeauty

Adriana Cataño


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Adriana with her daughter, Gaby, also a presenter and influencer

Adriana utilizando uno de sus productos Catano Beauty